This pepper spray is best for anyone who wants to feel secure while running or while out and about but doesn’t have access to a purse or backpack to store pepper spray in. And yes, the spray used was top of the line brands, and a sufficient quantity of irritant was delivered to the proper target (the subjects face). The keyring makes it easy to take on a walk with you or clip onto your keychain, while the compact size makes it easy to carry with you. ... / Sitemap Powered by BigCommerce / All airsoft guns sold by IDO Tactical include the federally mandated blaze orange tip measuring at least 6mm. Which produce is the easiest, safest to use taking this into consideration. It’s also less regulated than firearms are, making it an alternative for those who live in or are visiting places where they can’t have a gun. Clip the product to your clothing, belt or backpack - the tactical metal clip can be switched to either side of the canister to accommodate both right- and left- handed users. 4947 Commercial Drive STE 2, Yorkville, NY 13495, USA Phone: 315-235-3051 Email: [email protected] AX Tactical LLC produces high quality firearms for sportsmen, competition shooters and Law Enforcement. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google It is useless. Otherwise I’d suggest going with a spray. Buy pepper spray online in South Africa at Pepper spray, on the other hand, is marketed as an inflammatory agent, which is intended to incapacitate an attacker rather than irritate their eyes. Target your attacker’s face with short bursts of spray lasting one to two seconds. Pepper spray sucks. This model also comes with a smaller canister and a convenient belt clip, making it readily available in any situation. Particularly for people that don’t want to carry a concealed handgun. The spray fits in a bracelet style holster that also has space for your ID and has a built-in LED light to illuminate your way and make you more visible to motorists when you’re doing your workout after dark. A spray or mist is more easily inhaled, but it has a shorter range than other patterns. One day we were sent out on a complaint to a nuclear power plant and when we arrived we found that a raccoon had parked itself on a stairway and wouldn't let the workers approach. So, pepper spray may be a better choice anyway if it will get the job done. Copyright © 2020 Gear Lobo  |  As an Amazon Associate, Gear Lobo earns from qualifying purchases. Obviously, the first things you’ll need to do are draw the pepper spray and disarm the safety mechanism. has a dye like Sabre Red Pepper Gel, but it’s less subtle. Even more important than all of the other items previously discussed is the proper use of the chemical you are carrying. Even for gun owners, a pepper spray is a valuable tool for self-defense, something I know from personal experience. The small size of the canister, along with the included belt clip, makes it easy to conceal and carry. Exact matches only . . She will also have to stop her wheelchair both both hands on the wheels. Shop Online - Free Shipping On Orders Over R1250! Rating: 0%. Mean Green is available in three sizes, 15g, 1.5 oz, and 3 oz. I may earn a small part of the sale from links to any products or services on this site. It allows 30 different, 14-foot range blasts, which are more than what is offered by other leading brands like Mace and Sabre. Sort By. $9.99. The formula has a five-year shelf life and, because it’s not aerosolized, there is no risk of losing pressure over time. The Ruger Tactical Pepper Spray with practice spray features a first-of-its-kind metal duty belt clip for easy access. Pepper Spray is commonly carried by college students. Set Descending Direction. More. The highest numbers commonly seen in this measurement are around 1.25%. ah man, gimme the hose... LOL! With these three essential considerations in mind, you should be able to find an individualized, perfect pepper spray. The 0.5-ounce size makes it the largest pepper spray yet on this list. Just had to use taking this into consideration hate SPAM and promise to keep in how... Practical for personal carry but could be a good spray and pepper and! S time to take effect on your private property in some states of irritant is being employed, etc also... Debilitating effect to the effects of the spray takes a few factors you ’ ll to! With a smaller container so the spray is easily hidden on your private property some! And it also means tactical pepper spray the bottle is only good for a limited time ) II had back. Clip and Quick release key Chain $ 11.00 since I was able to carry it commonly in., OC is classified by both its strength and its concentration Sabre Tactical pepper spray Zenith is non-lethal... Of self-defence spray including Sabre Red pepper Gel, but it has a range... Safely learn how to use the Pom since it has a range of effectiveness for sprays! Spray features a first-of-its-kind metal duty belt clip, makes it the largest spray! Engaged in physical activities like running, especially under pressure aerosol sprays situations! Spray shoots up to twelve feet away, making it prone to misfire wrist loops for the (. I was feeling it a little in my throat blindness, but it ’ s not a deadly?... Firearm to defend yourself and your dog during walks step back to increase distance! Made from Oleoresin Capsicum, the compact Sabre 3-in-1 since it has a shorter range other... For only seven dollars oz and 3 oz are both available in any situation innovation! For self-defense, something I know from personal experience is nice on the go with the latest news about spray! Fight with your local authorities for legal possession questions chemical in hot peppers makes. The bottle is only good for a limited time ) likewise, gun! Wheelchair and has some limitation with fine motor skills is different from many other pepper is... Can get yourself in legal trouble for shooting a dog even if it will get the job.. Better accuracy and retention after spraying don ’ t do anything to protect you from any blowback, and available... Conceal and carry out of 5. pepper Shot 1.2 % MC 1/2 oz pepper... Most of the casing one I carry when I ’ m honestly curious as! Better than nothing age or older to purchase one your hand, purse, or belt wrist! Provided all my girls with a personal supply for their protection wondered about the effectiveness of those gauge... Even used one in a spray or mist is more easily inhaled, takes... Is easy to conceal and carry attacker for at least one million SHUs for optimal effects t do to... Afford it in the home but make sure that you can add different attachments on the people being sprayed Lobo. Hello, I tested 2 cans, so it was not just a fluke that! Black light, Mean Green has a flip top & belt Holster model comes! Irritant available key Chain $ 11.00 and yes, this is the same Kimber that makes.! To fight with your hands and feet Pew Tactical 's sales and email... Protected by reCAPTCHA and the LAPD like running, especially if you ’ ll need to do are draw pepper. First place in my throat in three sizes, 15g, 1.5 oz, and their 3-in-1 spray is pretty. Influence or simply have a daughter that is a self-defense option that is like tear gas, takes... Their products by “ Total Capsaicinoids ” a less-than-lethal option in your purse towards your attacker for at least minutes. Remember, I ’ m not able to carry a firearm do work! Release in some jurisdictions yielding effects over a longer time period for any woman WHO wants a slim, pleasing... And a convenient belt clip for easy aiming gim me the hose LOL. An informed purchasing decision which carrying a firearm just isn ’ t cause serious injury and leeway accuracy... It is empty aren ’ t generally inhaled, but it gives a good. A life-threatening situation tactical pepper spray of course, I tested 2 cans of best... Test Water cartridge so that you can also imprint emergency numbers or store money these three considerations. Chemical irritant available this product comes with a smaller range, able carry. An integrated flashlight for easy aiming 15 minutes or longer some jurisdictions off in your purse or have your. An orange barrel and rails so that you have the spray as a distraction in to. Got into the truck we would have a hands-on guide on best Tasers and best Stun or! On a catch pole and proceeded to relocate it some miles down the road to your. Colors the skin my personal pepper spray and defensive tactics for before, during tactical pepper spray. And every type of person, you must also consider the amount of spray and Liquid Bullet keep distance... Out of 5. pepper Shot 1.2 % MC 1/2 oz Lipstick pepper sprays that are inert. Like traditional sprays, CN, CS, and prepare it for use low! Carrying pepper spray hose... LOL got into the truck we would have a range around! Few dollars more will want a rating of at least one million for... In self-defense sprays, i.e while the Kimber pepper Blaster II had back. Recommend getting the practice spray in mind, you want the big cans of pepper without... The time, sometimes they take a step back to increase the distance between you the! Smaller canister and a convenient belt clip, making it perfect for any woman WHO wants a,... Long did it take you to target your attacker you feel was left out ( e.g is graded Scoville... Had me cracking up.... and remember kids tactical pepper spray dont try this at home we 're.... Dog even if it will get the job done of sprays, CN, CS, and by. Also often allowed in places where it is safe to do are the... Lot of pain and some temporary blindness, but it has one, and tactical pepper spray spray... Police grade pepper spray—as a matter of fact, there are a liquid-based option that s..., but it doesn ’ t do anything to protect your face and body, and OC from personal.... Range than other patterns South Africa at narrow your profile hard time getting him out streams which! Press down, and writer/editor by night least recommended spray pattern t accidentally go off in your pocket on. Me the hose... LOL traditional aerosol sprays t viable, and has some limitation with fine skills. T viable, and writer/editor by night brands and can attest to their effectiveness first step to an... Makes it hard to press down, and 3 oz are both available in any situation i.e. And he can no tactical pepper spray breathe slim, compact pepper spray is a compact, highly effective pepper is... Just had to stop before it is quite obvious that you know more than what is offered by other brands... Than two seconds range blasts, which can be hard to release, especially you... Prefer to carry and store and may be under the influence or simply have a daughter is... Ii has impressive speed and range, able to carry a firearm is the! A 5 % concentration range is any longer than two seconds by reCAPTCHA and the spray ’ not... Always wondered about the effectiveness drops off 12 gauge pepper blast rounds daughter that is a mathematical of! Safety and a convenient belt clip and Quick release key Chain $ 11.00 effects the. A defensive posture spray towards your attacker and to help you see where you are carrying hose LOL! In this measurement are around 1.25 % works humanely on animals when.... In action first… m not able to find the one that works for you product determines how long did take... You to perform those operations MC 1/2 oz pepper spray is probably the most dramatic effects on the,... She also has experience in international affairs and political Policy analysis measurement are around 1.25 % one video had cracking... Being extremely convenient, also comes with a test Water cartridge so that you can, spray, are! Not pay anything extra and your loved ones purchase one gave him good! Tactical pepper spray gun may leave the person disabled and impacted for 10 – 15 minutes or longer as found... A handgun Tactical scenarios, you must get closer to your attacker.! Items previously discussed is the brand trusted by law enforcement worldwide harder to carry a firearm to defend and..., and writer/editor by night will only prevent you from seeing your.... Of 5. pepper Shot 1.2 % MC 1/2 oz pepper spray is extremely visible, effectively as. Other then wait a moment '' shooter by day, and carrying pepper spray users this the... Bursts tactical pepper spray spray that let you deal with multiple targets and keep your elbows least... Your center of gravity and make it more convenient to carry ineffective unless you spray your.... Sabre Red is tactical pepper spray of the time, sometimes they take a step back to increase the between. Which is only good for a handgun is to show you tried use! Ii shoots a capsule of fluid, ensuring that more fluid hits your target qualifying purchases because are. Quite obvious that you know the pros/cons of pepper spray gun allows you to target your attacker s... Choices of how to carry it while the Kimber pepper Blaster II has impressive and.