Plamen Manolov is a founding Partner of the Law Office of Plamen Manolov, P.A.

Mr. Manolov possesses extensive knowledge in Real Estate and Civil Law. Mr. Manolov has been involved in the real estate industry since 2001, and has represented thousands of individuals in acquiring, investing, and selling in commercial and residential real estate in Florida and abroad. Mr. Manolov currently represents real estate investors from around the world, from small individual investors to large multi-national builders and real estate developers.

Mr. Manolov was born in eastern Europe and came to the United States when he was 17 years old. Prior to obtaining his law degree, Mr. Manolov earned degrees in finance, management, and marketing. Prior to founding The Law Office of Plamen Manolov, PA, Mr. Manolov developed several real estate companies, and is currently the Managing Partner of several real estate ventures throughout the State of Florida.

The Law Office of Plamen Manolov, P.A. is a full service law firm handling a diversified practice of law. We partner with various law firms to offer a full experienced representation in virtually all areas of civil law.

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