Practice Areas

Our firm specializes in the following areas of civil practice:

All parts of real estate, including real estate disputes, contracts, commercial and residential matters, title disputes, agreements. Effective representation with the client’s resources in mind.

Our firm specializes in handling diverse matters in the area of real estate law and litigation.

Whether you are a buyer purchasing your dream home, a seller selling your personal home or investments, or a foreign investor looking for real estate legal representation in Florida, we have the experience and resources to handle your case and to assist you in your endeavors.

Our real estate legal department has represented hundreds of clients with their real estate needs. Our philosophy is to try to accomplish each task with your resources in mind, presenting you with alternative solutions to achieve your goals and avoiding unnecessary expenses and litigation, where appropriate. It is too often that we meet with clients who are convinced that they are facing a high-cost litigation, when in fact many cases can be resolved by alternative means, such as proper legal negotiations, mediation, or other inexpensive ways of achieving the desired results.

Through the firm’s commitment to the goals and best interests of our clients, we have managed to successfully accomplish our clients’ objectives and desired results. Our experience in the area of real estate has proven beneficial to hundreds of individual clients and industry professionals. Throughout the years, the firm has engaged in successfully representing clients and investors  from around the country and various parts of the world, including South America, Europe, and Asia. Whether you are interested in purchasing your second home in Florida, purchase or sell large or small commercial real estate, or you are about to invest in the booming local real estate market, it is always advisable to seek competent legal advice and representation prior to engaging in any transaction.

We encourage proactive approach to any transaction, no matter how small or large in nature. That is why, besides representing and counseling you on your legal rights and obligations, we partner with local experienced professionals, such as tax consultants and planners, to help you achieve the desired results by properly following the state and federal tax codes, rules, and laws.

By combining the resources of our law firm with the experience, expertise and proven professionalism of our partner title companies, we have managed to achieve our clients’ goals through comprehensive planning and representation.