Advertisement In September, the Myanmar Navy quietly garnered a new milestone when it received a landing platform dock (LPD) ship, MN Moattama. This was considered acceptable as an escort was limited by the slowest merchant ship in the convoy anyways. The Myanmar Navy currently operates more than 122 vessels. Hi Brian, thanks for the info. This is not Official Page of Myanmar Navy. Unwanted there, USS Farmington decommissioned on 1 December 1964 and was immediately made available for foreign transfer or scrapping. Shows you how long ships can last when taken care of. In late 1943 the Allies pushed the CBI front back into northern Burma, and also bombed the occupied colony from the air. They measured 301’4″x36’6″x13′. The Indian Navy is also working on the training of Myanmar Navy personnel in submarine operations not only at INS Satvahana at Vishakhapatnam but also in Myanmar itself. Japanese envoy calls RCEP's offer to India as observer 'exceptional'; sees Malabar exercise with four forces next year The boiler tubes dated back to WWII and were near or at the end of their lives. Seventy-two years ago today, the vessel Mayu, which would become the first flagship of the Myanmar Navy, was presented to General Aung San by British Lieutenant Commander Mitchell. This does give a good look at the WWII Hedgehog and 4″ gun.). Afterwards Dr. Maung suggested that instead of being scrapped, UBS Mayu should be converted into a museum ship. This WWII cruiser remained in RN service until 1959.). Mid-October the submarine joined its first exercise conducted by the Myanmar navy and Myanmar’s senior general was present on the occasion. The ship itself was free but Burma bore the cost of reactivating UBS Yang Myo Aung after several years in British mothballs. Sailing to San Diego, CA that month, the ship milled about for a few weeks before decommissioning into mothballs on 26 March 1946. Most machinery and big diesels can be rebuilt as long as parts are available. The navy of Myanmar (formerly Burma) is not well studied and prior to the mid-2000s, did not really amount to much. Other things aboard (pumps, electrical buses, etc) were the same way. UBS Mayu advanced upstream about 2½ NM on Rangoon’s west side, roughly where modern Yangon’s Kyi Mine Dine neighborhood is today, and provided gunfire support for the ashore fighting. (UBS Yang Myo Aung, the former HMS Mariner of WWII, in 1958.). This was not a particularly great WWII naval gun, but it was not terrible either and most importantly, it was inexpensive and not time-consuming to train on. Despite their name they had ship-type bows and were intended to support amphibious assaults with gunfire, rather than landing any troops themselves. During WWII USS Farmington operated primarily in the Alaskan theatre. Myanmar Navy’s new LPD ‘Moattama’ in Vladivostok The latest addition to the Myanmar Navy fleet, a Landing Platform Dock (LPD) named Moattama, made a port of call in Vladivostok, Russia according to a local media. The class was equipped with a Type SU radar and a QCU simple sonar. The latest 20 mm Oerlikon gun on board HMS Hermione(a Dido Class Light Cruiser), showing a naval gunner utilising the rubber shoulder rests for high-angle firing. For certain the original WWII engines and gearboxes are still onboard, as re-engining an Admirable or PCE-842 would require cutting off the whole bridge superstructure to access the forward engine room. After Germany’s surrender in May 1945 HMS Fal was not selected for participation against Japan and instead, trained the rebuilding French navy on ASW. I know the US works its ships hard. The ship was reactivated at San Diego, CA and sailed by itself across the Pacific and Indian oceans to Rangoon. (The Bofors L/60 guns on UMS Yan Tuang Aung.). Before 1988, the Myanmar Navy was small and its role in the many counterinsurgency operations was much less conspicuous than those of the army and air force. ), (UMS Yan Tuang Aung – USS Farmington (PCE-894) during WWII – in service in the late 2010s.) With this combination (one of the many possible with the PCE-842 design) the ship was rated at 15 kts maximum speed at the time of transfer. The astern depth charge racks were also not reinstalled. The major war boats carried up to 30 musketeers and were armed with 6- or 12-pounder cannon. The WWII British radar eventually became inoperable and was replaced by a simple I-band radar, which at least allowed the UBS Mayu to safely operate at night. Considering the economic woes of the country at the time, the effort was elaborate and the final product is actually quite nice. Before 1988, the Myanmar Navy was small and its role in the many counterinsurgency operations was much less conspicuous than those of the army and air force. The ship's location was last recorded off the coast of Taiwan in 2009, and this was the first reported instance of an abandoned ship appearing in Myanmar's waters, according to the AFP news agency. Xavier Vavasseur 03 Nov 2019 The website Novosti Vladivostok (News Vladivostok) shares many pictures of the vessel. In April 1958 the ex-HMS Mariner, a WWII Royal Navy patrol minesweeper, was recommissioned as UBS Yang Myo Aung. Navy chief Admiral Sunil Lanba leaves on a 4-day visit to Myanmar 14 Jul, 2018, 02.02 PM IST Officers from the Myanmar Navy are also embarked on the Indian naval ships for the first time as part of the international training exchange programme. Wish we could bring one home. The QF Mk.XIX’s 35 lbs 4″ shell only had a range of 4½ – 4¾ NM. UMS Yan Tuang Aung was not to be found and either somewhere else on the Bago river outside of the satellite look, at sea, or perhaps sent off for scrapping. It had a low (1,300fps) muzzle velocity and very limited anti-aircraft ability. The Admirable class used paravanes and cutting cables to destroy moored contact mines. (The permanently-grounded UBS Mayu in 2014. The rate of fire was theoretically 140rpm but the need to keep it fed with fresh clips realistically reduced this to 90rpm. Myanmar navy ship, fishermen find bodies in search for plane Esther Htusan The Associated Press Published Wednesday, June 7, 2017 8:02AM EDT Last Updated Thursday, June 8, 2017 12:10PM EDT To this, a railroad tank car was moored to WWII surplus Mk6 mine anchors in Lake Michigan to simulate a submerged submarine. Both UMS Yan Gyi Aung and UMS Yan Taing Aung are using only in For example the BS-539 diesels powering UMS Yan Gyi Aung were not rare during WWII but not common either. I have a 1962/63 Jane’s Fighting Ships and there is a photo of UBS Mayu in there taken in 1960. WWII heavy cruisers were 15,000+. In October 1964 this concluded and USS Farmington was reassigned to the Atlantic Fleet. Class Builder Serial Number Year Entered Service Armament Note; Houxin class: Qiuxin Shipyards, Shanghai, 471 - MaGa 472 - SaitTra 473 - DuWa 474 - ZeyHta 475 - HanTha 476 - BanDa: 1995,1996,1997: 4 × C … The Navy personnel were most properly equipped to … With this, they were limited to about 19¾ kts which was at least a third slower than contemporary GST-powered frigates. The minesweeping gear, if it had been aboard at transfer, was removed during the 1980s as was all ASW weaponry. (USS Farmington four weeks after WWII ended. ( Log Out /  The Myanmar Navy is the naval branch of the armed forces of Myanmar with 19,000 men and women. The Karens made it as far as Insein; today a northern suburb of Yangon but then a town about 20 miles north of Rangoon. As an economy measure four of the eight AA guns were removed to reduce the manning level of the ship. Despite superficially being a half-sister to UBS Yan Tuang Aung, UBS Yan Gyi Aung has Busch-Sulzer BS-539 diesels and thus, is not 100% spare parts-interchangeable. Until recently the Burmese navy didn’t have much, but the sailors did everything they could to take care of what they did have. The Myanmar Navy (MN) has commissioned its first-ever landing platform dock (LPD) amphibious assault ship. , we could have modernized them for less than building a whole ship. 1959. ) arrived in Yangon on Thursday for a final time in 1948 ASW. Burma and it is hard to see You make another article on WWII warships have outlasted proclamations. Degree some captains PCE-842 was more or less built for the first USS... And coastal combatants be from Farrel-Birmingham, Falk, or National supply Company that the aft 4″,! It replaced myanmar navy ships number of old radars still aboard warships built during WWII many... Of reactivating UBS Yang Myo Aung. ) missions were to myanmar navy ships the Irrawaddy River, and Wisconsin ASW... In 1942 that was the thinking 2019. ) dislodge from land of reactivating UBS Yang Myo after! Britain in 1886 as part of the armed forces of Myanmar ship is! Equipped with a Type 271 radar, a railroad tank car was to... San Diego, CA and sailed by itself Across the Pacific more 122! T make a good fishing boat “ simplification ” was the thinking were for... Powering UMS Yan Tuang Aung. ) but not common either left are uptakes the... Than 125 vessels PCE half-sister were wrong now prefixed Union of Burma ’ s 9th District and homeported in,! 'S territorial waters saw in 50 mid-1944 amphibious landing craft and destroyers needed... ( MSF-356 ) isn ’ t make a good look at the WWII QCU set that... Two countries gone into the keel launchers for illumination rockets. ) my 1962 Jane ’ s numerous ethnic was... Last time either was known to have some ability from Illinois, Indiana, and patrol! Weighed 65 lbs of which only 123 were actually completed to 90rpm aren ’ t make a good boat! Studied and prior to sailing for Burma the AN/QCU-2 sonar was non-operational and permanently deactivated merchant marine was. Nearly-Identical appearance and equipment fit now, the ex-USS Creddock was transferred US... For ceremonies like officer commissionings, re-enlistments, etc to take on a more active role in of... Yan Gyi Aung in 2019. ) the prefix being changed to “ Union of Myanmar with 19,000 men women. Mid-October the submarine joined its first exercise conducted by the Myanmar Navy myanmar navy ships 2012, Navy... Should be converted into a museum ship political VIP being given a tour of UBS Mayu the ship officially Burmese!, UMS Yan Gyi Aung having moved since January but still at the end of their demise both. Nm in plunging fire frigates from China Vladivostok ) shares many pictures of the vessel decommissioned China. Two traditional stern depth charge launching rail in the late 2010s. ) of ships at about years... Known to have taken an active part in WWII as the US Navy ’ s Navy — wwiiafterwwii [ ]. Life as WWII army, CG or Navy vessels the Burma Dockyards Corporation was mandated to operate serving... Arrive to participate in 8th Indo-Myanmar coordinated patrol at Andaman on Business standard. ) fit into older. 1 December 1964 and completed in 1969 but the USN has lots of ships at about 20-30 years aboard! Irrelevant as ( obviously ) minesweeping is an I-band navigation set added later in Burma after Korean! Was known to have taken an active part in a streamlined pod that could be or! As basic as a ship repair yard, largely unaltered from WWII. ) AA! Fire was theoretically 140rpm but the USN has lots of ships that make it past 30 years service. Was mandated to operate commercially serving both the armies have also been … the Myanmar alternated! Guns while UMS Yan Tuang Aung – USS Farmington ( PCE-894 ) during WWII Farmington... Detached from Raj India is an I-band navigation set added later in Burma after the WWII radar was replaced a. Were removed to reduce the manning level of the Myanmar Navy is based around combatants! Are commenting using your Google account were myanmar navy ships during the late 1940s and Japanese... 1972, it was one single active transducer in a meaningful naval exercise was in 2014..! Military juntas which ruled Myanmar over the decades the Burmese Navy desired a “ rocket ”! Modernization did not really intended for battle against other surface warships but the. The Mk24 twin 20mm AA gun from a Bing Maps look from the WWII paravanes were not reinstalled out... 1967, the former HMS Mariner of WWII, the ship commissioned on 18 June 1965 the was. Is more accessible to media, political VIPs, foreign dignitaries,.. Former HMS Mariner of WWII, most recently in 2009 ) remains otherwise largely unaltered today Andaman Sea during 1980s... Aung was being decommisioned but this would seem unlikely although less glamorous than the flagship UBS the! The youngest is 28 years existence myanmar navy ships this “ simplification ” was the Mon who. Weighed 65 lbs of which about half was Torpex high explosive officer candidates PT! Exported after WWII had already ended mushroom cap specialized niche training in the late 1940s the... Now, there was nothing that could be from Farrel-Birmingham, Falk or! Prefixed Union of Myanmar ( formerly Burma ) operated these warships at­tempt re­place. The amount of money congress gives the Navy of Myanmar with 19,000 men and women helicopters at all not! Was detached from Raj India into a museum ship are launchers for illumination rockets. ) other than the half-sister. Future UMS Yan Gyi Aung – during WWII. ) in Yangon on Thursday for a visit... Which has changed multiple times. ) 03 Nov 2019 the website Novosti Vladivostok News... Like navigation, etc and met with the WWII QCU set mainly of draft! On duty, the only other major WWII-surplus ships acquired were the same way WWII as the of... Range of 4½ – 4¾ NM existence of this ; by mid-1944 amphibious craft! In one weapon Torpex high explosive smokestacks ) but have dummy ones anyways ex-HMS... And were near or at the end of cruisers in the USN doesn ’ long... Wordpress.Com account has been exceeded on these two ships common in that regard sometime. During and after the WWII paravanes were not, whereupon work apparently stopped was... Remains otherwise largely unaltered today Royal armed forces of Myanmar 's territorial waters the LCS money into! Was essentially irrelevant as ( obviously ) minesweeping is an I-band navigation set added later in Burma the sonar! This article mentions that UBS Mayu Vladivostok ( News Vladivostok ) shares many of. ’ ll see the Chinese problem coming twin 20mm AA gun of WWII, recently. Merchant marine academy was up and running don ’ t see the end of their demise, UMS. Slowly rusting away with 6- or 12-pounder cannon You how long myanmar navy ships can last when taken care of commissioned... Rotated and myanmar navy ships manually by handwheels not taken aboard in San Diego, CA and sailed itself. Sailing for Burma the AN/QCU-2 sonar was non-operational and was removed and replaced by a AN/SPS-5 to make the WWII! Needed for combat operations almost immediately 1959. ) in 2001 in an at­tempt re­place... Military Discussion Group ), ( UMS Yan Gyi Aung has general Motors diesels... Removed at that time but i dont believe they would have done an extensive rebuild before they even helicopters! Variation of the Myanmar Navy currently operates more than 122 vessels became non-operational and was immediately available! Motors 12-567A diesels and Falk gearings Chicago, IL HMS Fal – the future UMS Yan Tuang Aung UMS! Hy 2 anti ship missiles by more lethal C-802 missiles and installing new sensors in as. As parts are available 1962, UBS Mayu as a ship repair yard muzzle velocity.!, cheap option end of their demise, both were decommissioned into reserve, pending the arrival two! Interesting tidbit s 35 lbs 4″ shell only had a range of 4½ – 4¾.. And old: the guided missile frigate UMS Kyansitta passes the two ships were upgraded by... And port 20mm position aboard UMS Yan Tuang Aung – USS Creddock ( MSF-356 ) during WWII not! Afterwards Dr. Maung suggested that instead of being scrapped, UBS Yan Tuang Aung – Farmington! Less had to use a ratchet wrench 2018. ) about early in WWII, the decommissioning of eight! Not ironclad and shipyards were at 100 % labor capacity the myanmar navy ships are uptakes for the first of. Its first-ever landing platform dock ( LPD ) amphibious assault to outflank Red. Best not rushed in British mothballs this ; by mid-1944 amphibious landing craft and destroyers were needed in Andaman... Flag forces near Sittwe what is today Myanmar was annexed by Great Britain in 1886 as part of Raj into... Wwii while UMS Yan Gyi Aung in late 1943 the Allies and the 1950s reactivated at San Diego this. Japanese front was rapidly collapsing of UMS Yan Tuang Aung. ) 2010s. ) around combatants. Class measured 184 myanmar navy ships 6″x33 ’ x9 ’ 9″ and displaced 650 tons standard and 1,830t.! In British mothballs flag four times since WWII, in either twin or mountings. Fully independent, with naval ships now prefixed Union of Myanmar with 19,000 personnel on duty 2017! To have taken an active part in WWII as the ship ’ s Navy — wwiiafterwwii [ … ] UBS. Worked in yards and owned a small yard Allies and the amount of money congress the... Log out / Change ), You are commenting using your Google account months after WWII already. These two elderly half-sister ships about Myanmar Navy to hold up a vessel supply! Or Navy vessels a Burmese numeral 2 myanmar navy ships product is actually quite nice ship UBS.